Duff Brush Manufacturer of Trommel and Sanding Brushes

Welcome to Duff Brush, LLC

Duff Brush specializes in manufacturing trommel screen brushes, sanding brushes and other metal back strip brushes. We are the original brush maker and we were the sole manufacturer of the brush used in Master-Sand™ sanding brushes until Master-Sand™ was sold in 2015.

If you need a custom size trommel brush or would like your current trommel brush rebrushed, we can do that for you. We use only top quality raw materials for a long lasting brush.

Our crew takes personal pride in every brush and broom we manufacture.

Many sanding brushes and trommel brushes in stock.

Quality products, excellent service and competitive pricing.

Your satisfaction is our goal!

Core rebrushed

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Trommel Brushes

We make our trommel brushes with the best polyester filament available. McCloskey, Powerscreen, Retech, Vermeer / Wildcat in stock. We can make brushes for most trommel screens.

Powerscreen 615 Stub Type 2

Sanding Brushes

Duff Brush Sanding Brushes fit Master-Sand™, Flex-Trim™, Pro-Flex, SlipCon and other sanding heads. We use Premium Cora & Deerfos Abrasives.

Metal Back Strip Brushes

#4,5,7 and 10 backing sizes available. Horsehair, tampico, polyester, polypropelene, nylon and other filaments and fibers offered for fill materials.

Metal Back Strip Brushes

Duff Brush – 756 S Byrne Rd. Toledo, OH 43609 – Phone (906) 863-3319

“Flex-Trim” is a trademak owned by Flex-Trim A/S.  Flex-Trim A/S have not tested or approved Duff Brush products.